TV Tells Kids Fame is the Most Important Thing in Life, Study Finds

Credit: Getty Images
The most important thing in life is to be a good and kind person, to love yourself and others and take an active and inquisitive interest in the world arou ...
Whoa! Someone is watching reruns of "Mister Roge...
Fonzie, where are you when we need you?

What's Better for Kids: Computers, TV or Video Games?

How does a parent choose which media to allow their kids to spend time with? Credit: Getty Images It's a daily dilemma: If you allow a certain amount of screen time per day -- whether it's TV, the computer or a video game -- which one ...Whether it's TV, video games or websites, a screen is a screen is a screen.

Is There Too Much Profanity On TV?

Foul language is filling up prime time TV. Credit: Getty Images
The Parents Television Council is at it again. The watchdog group says that use of profanity on television has increased 69 percent from 2005 to 2010. This includes words that are bl...

Tune Out: Pediatricians Issue New Guidelines for Entertainment Media

The AAP says to limit your kid's screen time to two hours a day. Credit: Getty Images
Quick: How many gadgets does your kid have? Between iPods, computers, handheld games, televisions, video games and the like, we're guessing it's hard to keep...
Average kids spends more than seven hours a day watching TV and using computers, phones and other electronic devices for entertainment. The only thing they spend more time doing? Sleeping.

Opinion: Muslim Superhero Cartoon Does Not Signal the End of Times

Children's entertainment is fertile ground for political fulminating. Add Islam into the mix, and you've got a recipe for world-class outrage. Today's cause for hysteria? "The 99," a new animated series featuring Muslim superheroes. Based on a com...

The Hub: Is New Kids' Network Too Commercial for TV?

The Hub is here! Credit: Amy Graves, WireImage
If you're concerned about the impact television commercials have on your kids, wait until you find them watching an entire TV channel brought to you by a toy and game company. You may not have not...
Think there are too many commericals for kids on TV? Check out the new network, The Hub.

Pediatricians Call for a Limit on Tobacco and Alcohol Ads

The AAP wants to restrict the kinds of ads your kids see. Credit: Corbis
Can just seeing pictures of, say, Joe Camel make a kid want to start smoking? Can a television shot of an ice-cold beer make a kid want to take a drink? The American Academy...
In a new policy statement, the AAP calls for a ban on tobacco advertising in all media.

Superheroes as Role Models: Today's Heroes Send the Wrong Message to Boys

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. Credit: Francois Duhamel, Paramount
Without the cape, Superman was just mild-mannered, clumsy Clark Kent, who could never quite get the girl. By day, Spider-Man was the shy and dorky Peter Parker. A...

Kids Have Trouble Paying Attention? Video Games May Be to Blame

Attention problems can continue into adulthood. Credit: Corbis
Say your child is having trouble paying attention in school? Turn off the video games. A new study shows the more time kids spend playing video games, the more likely they are to...

Consistent Rules Can Limit Television Watching, Study Shows

You can help save your child from turning into a TV zombie. No, it's not a lost cause. As much as your kids may love sitting in front of the television/computer/video game monitor, a new study shows that by setting limits, parents can curtail th...

Parenting Advice: Easy to Give, Harder to Take

I'm not an expert, I'm just a parent. I like that line. It's true and it (sort of) gets me off the hook. When this job was first offered to me, I said, well, I love writing and I have four kids, but please don't ask me to give advice. Nobody should...

Lights, Camera, Action: Backstage at the Dr. Phil Show

ParentDish's Amy Hatch discusses moms' leisure time with Dr. Phil. Photo courtesy of Amy Hatch.
When the producers of the Dr. Phil Show called and asked if I would come and talk to them about moms and leisure time, it was, as they say, an offe...

Is It OK For Kids Under 2 To Watch TV?

How much is too much when it comes to watching TV? Credit: jupiterimages
If you want to start an argument in a room full of parents, mention television and open up the debate on very young children watching it. Whether they let their kids watc...

Baby Einstein Co-Founder Goes to Court Over TV Studies

Baby Einstein DVDs are displayed at a Borders book store. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
A co-founder of the popular "Baby Einstein" videos is going to court to clear the names of his wife and himself, despite the fact that they currently...

Tips for Keeping Your Sick Child Entertained at Home

The child is grumpy. Way beyond grumpy. Grumpy is a distant planet in another solar system past which she's shot in her misery-fuelled rocket ship. She refuses to eat supper. She's lethargic, moping, upset over nothing. Uh oh. She's fallen asleep o...


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