telling the truth 

When Is It OK To Lie To Your Kids?

Is lying to your children ever acceptable? Or should you always tell them the truth? Image:
Over at MomLogic, psychologist Dr. Cara Gardenswartz tells us about some of the lies that parents tell their kids. She suggests that these lies...

Telling lies

My three year old has just recently started to explore the nuances of telling the truth. He's beginning to experiment with what happens when he tells a story that his more tall tale than truth. Right now his tall tales are harmless and imaginative,...

Child fathered by another man: should you tell?

Recently, someone close to me learned that his little brother was fathered by another man. Mom has been dead for only a few years, and I wonder all kinds of things, like, why didn't she ever tell him? Or, did she tell him and he has chosen not to tel...


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