Grandmother, 90, Known as the 'Tiger' of Tennis

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In addition to her 30 grandchildren, Mary Jane Murphy has her daily tennis matches to keep her on her toes. "Here they call me Tiger, but I don't know why," Murphy tells NBC Chicago. ...
It's not just her 30 grandchildren that keep Mary Jane Murphy on her toes.

Tennis Prodigy Not Old Enough for Kindergarten

It's no secret I don't care for organized sports, especially for kids. I believe they cause far too much stress, encourage an unhealthy emphasis on winning and create over-inflated egos -- and that's just the parents. Kids stand to lose much more, in...

School backflips on cartwheel ban

An Australian school who recently banned cartwheels may be reversing its decision. Both parents and children protested after cartwheels, somersaults and other gymnastics were banned during recess. According to the school, safety was at the the he...

ParentDish interviews tennis superstar Lindsay Davenport

Professional tennis player Lindsay Davenport has an impressive resume. She's a former world number one player who's also won three Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold, as well as an amazing string of singles and doubles titles. She also, just this ...

Former child star arrested for cocaine

Tatum O'Neal, star of television's hit series Rescue Me and former child celebrity, has been arrested. Ms. O'Neal, daughter of Ryan O'Neal and former wife of tennis champ John McEnroe, who won an Oscar for her performance in Paper Moon, was arrest...

Sports for kids who aren't good at sports

I joined the tennis team as a freshman in high school and was the worst on the team. I love tennis, I think it's a blast. But I'm seriously no good at it. After that year, I never again tried to join a team sport because the risk of humiliation was j...

Should video games be given 'R' ratings?

The real question is 'should video games be given 'R' ratings even if it means sales of the game would tank?' According to an interesting tidbit from, a North Carolina on-line newspaper, Rock Star Games, who seem to court controver...

The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged French Tennis Player-Drugging Dad

Did the world learn nothing from the Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom?  From  the trial has begun in France for a man accused of drugging the opponents of his tennis-player son.  According to the report, Christophe Fauviau is a...

Anna Kournikova helps Katrina victims

From Anna Kournikova recently visited Hurricane Katrina victims in Biloxi, Mississippi, on behalf of the Boys' and Girls' Clubs of America. The tennis star brought toys to the children, and was apparently moved by what she witnessed. In h...


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