terminal illness 

Five Year Old Cancer Patient Leaves Hundreds of Notes for Her Family

When five-year-old Elena Desserich was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, she set out to help her family deal with her death in a truly remarkable way. The kindergartener started writing -- she created "The Kindergarten Survival Guide" for young...

Terminally ill toddler's parents sell everything and take her on holiday -- PD*Poll

Three-year-old Caitlin Powell is living every tot's dream: her parents have sold their home and quit their jobs and are devoting their days to taking Caitlin and her seven-year-old sister on a series of fabulous vacations. Next month the family will ...

Explaining death and dying to children

An article in the current issue of CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians recently noted what we all thought: the death of a parent or loved one is one of the most stressful events a child can face. An honest word, a smile, and time spent together with ...


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