Al Qaeda Turns Itself Into a Bunch of Cartoonish Terrorists

Credit: AP It's just like "Super Friends" -- that is, if Superman wore a shroud instead of cape, worked as a terrorist instead of a reporter and dreamed of being greeted in the Phantom Zone by 72 Lois Lanes after bombing the Daily Plan...Al Qaeda thinks cartoon can sell terrorism like breakfast cereal.

Taking the Family to a Hot Spot Abroad? Stay Safe by Planning Ahead

A little planning can make international travel with kids go smoothly. Credit: jupiterimages
Thinking of trading Toronto for Thailand or skipping Madrid for Mumbai on your next family vacation? As the recession eases, more families are making...

Pilot Diverts Plane Over Teen's In-Flight Prayer

The teen was using tefillin, a set of small black boxes attached to leather straps and containing biblical passages. Credit: chaim zvi, Flickr
A devout teen caused a scare in the air Jan. 17 when, while trying to pray, he pulled out a set of sma...

Snitching on students

As a teacher, here in the U.S., my wife is required to report suspected cases of child abuse or endangerment. If she sees or hears something that indicates there could be a problem, she is obligated to contact child protective services. I'm okay with...

Teen response to Sally Kern

I've had a tough time getting Sally Kern's hateful words out of my head. Truth be told, I have yet to be successful. Of course, I am not the only one who has been bothered by what she said -- the internet is veritably humming with outraged discussion...

Sippy cup crisis at Reagan airport

The last time I was on an airplane was a trip to Disneyland with my father in December, 2000. Shortly before the trip, my sister managed to lose his California ID card, so we had to get by with his Usher ID card from the San Francisco Opera House -- ...

Terror alert sparked by cheating student

Lesson number one when your parents are government agents: never steal their secret service gadgets -- even if you think those gadgets would be helpful when cheating on exams. Georghe Dimitrov, a 21-year-old Bulgarian college student, made that mista...

Terrorists trying to drive school busses?

The FBI has recently issued an alarming "informational bulletin" to both state and local officials. In it, they caution officials to be on the look out for extremist groups trying to get hired as school bus drivers. According to the Associated Press,...

Off-the-wall Christmas present for your little imperialist: War on Terror board game

We were big into board games when I was a kid. The never-ending rivalry between my siblings and I would manifest itself in cut-throat games of Sorry, and epic, all-night Monopoly battles. And even though gaming has changed a bit since I was a child ...

Student essay draws Secret Service to school for President, Oprah threat

You know, I've read a ton of parenting advice books, and for the life of me I've never seen one that contained a section urging parents to warn their kids NOT to joke about killing the President of the United States. Perhaps that explains this story ...

The label un-maker: My toddler terrorizes our canned goods

Ah, I love the age of 2. It's an age of exploration, of discovery...and of driving your parents absolutely freaking insane. The latest devilish device of my two-year-old boy Luka? Tearing the labels off of canned goods. You haven't experienced a good...


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