Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes Take Separate Planes

You'll never catch Revolutionary Road's Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes, the director and her husband, cuddling up on an airplane. That's because the Hollywood power couple takes separate planes when they fly. That way, they reason, if there's a crash, o...

Snitching on students

As a teacher, here in the U.S., my wife is required to report suspected cases of child abuse or endangerment. If she sees or hears something that indicates there could be a problem, she is obligated to contact child protective services. I'm okay with...

Could you survive a fake disaster?

My husband still loves to have a laugh at the fact that, in 2003, I bought supplies in case we had a terrorist attack. In my attempt to get things that would last, I mostly bought baked beans and pineapple juice. Don't ask, I'm not sure what the heck...


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