British Chain Says Shoppers in PJs Not Allowed, Mom Protests

A British retail giant has decided that customers wearing PJs are not welcome. And that has one mom crying foul. Elaine Carmody, 24, is a mother of two young boys who frequently shopped at her local Tesco wearing pajamas. (They spell it "pyjamas...

Stores won't sell alcohol to parents with kids in tow

Tesco, a large grocery chain in the UK, has angered and bewildered many parents with their new rules regarding alcohol sales. Managers have instructed their cashiers to refuse to sell alcohol to any adult who they suspect may be making the purchase f...

Tesco sells padded bra to 7-year-olds

UK supermarket giant Tesco has come under heavy criticism for adding teeny padded bras to their young girls' department. Sold on racks next to clothing sized for a seven or eight-year-old, the bras are miniature versions of plunge style bras with amp...


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