'Sack Tapping' Sounds Like a Nutty Trend, but It Hits Boys Where It Hurts

Sack tapping is a kick in the pants. Credit: Miguel Riopa, AFP / Getty Images
Bored, son? Why don't you round up some of the boys around the neighborhood and kick each other in the testicles? Everyone's doing it. Well, not everyone, of cours...

Mumps on the rise in the U.S.

The mumps are making a comeback in the United States. I mean the disease, not a post-modern punk band. The disease rose to an alarming rate in 2006, and it is feared it may take decades to eradicate it from this country. These findings come despit...

Details you might want to share with child care providers

When I work at a local drop-in nursery during the winter months, I am always amazed at what the parents don't tell us when they drop off their kids. Sure, we always inquire about any dietary needs or allergies, but that covers a fairly limited territ...


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