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Discipline More About School Authorities Than Student Behavior

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Students at South Allegory High School rarely get suspended. Meanwhile, across town at North Allegory High, kids are suspended left and right.
Wow. North clearly has some serious discipline problems. The school ...
Study suggests suspension rates don't accurately reflect discipline problems.

Texas Debates Way History Will Be Taught

Robert F. Kennedy lends moral support to striking grape pickers and their leader Cesar Chavez. Credit: Michael Rougier, Time Life Pictures / Getty Images Conservatives say too much attention is paid to American imperialism and not enough to Christi...

Texas schools add parenting skills to the curriculum

With teen births on the rise, the great state of Texas has decided it is time to add something new to the required curriculum for high schoolers. Beginning next year, high schools students in Texas will be required to attend parenting classes. The cu...

To have or have not: school laptops

In today's Wall Street Journal, Jessica Vascellaro pointed out that an increasing number of parents are concerned about programs designed to give all students laptops. One of their concerns is that school laptops are often used inappropriately by kid...


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