'Zits' Comic Strip Takes On Danger of Texting While Driving

A survey shows 30 percent of respondents younger than 30 confessed to texting while driving during the past month. Credit: Getty Images "Zits," a newspaper comic strip, will warn teenagers and parents this week not to send text messa...
Can a newspaper comic strip affect teens' texting habits?

School Bus Driver Busted for Texting 1,000-Plus Times

Texting while driving with kids on board is not only dangerous, it's stupid. Credit: AP
Here's the scoop, moms, dads and bus drivers everywhere: Texting while driving with kids on board is not only dangerous, it's stupid -- especiall...
The driver was arrested this week after police cameras caught her texting 1,068 messages.

CellSafety Mobile Application

Texting while driving is a major cause of automobile accidents. Credit: Getty
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells us texting while driving is 40 percent more dangerous than drinking and driving. In fact, 15 peopl...
While we understand the dangers of distracted driving, we're not so sure our teenage drivers really get it.

Texting Tips for Parents

Sixty-four percent of parents look at the contents of their child's cell phone and 62 percent of parents have taken away their child's phone as punishment. Credit: Getty Images If you've ever stared in awe at your child's thumbs moving...While most kids use text messaging responsibly, it's still a powerful and extremely private communication tool that can be used irresponsibly.

Crazy Things Parents Text Makes Us LOL

Watch what you write -- it could end up on Crazy Things Parents Text. Credit: Getty Images
Move over Sh*t My Dad Says. Time to make room for Crazy Things Parents Text.
Crazy Things Parents Text (CTPT) could be described as the offsp...
Move over Sh*t My Dad Says. Time to make room for Crazy Things Parents Text.

Sex, Drugs More Common in Hyper-Texting Teens

Teens who text 120 times a day or more are more likely to have had sex or used alcohol and drugs. Credit: AP
ATLANTA (AP) - Teens who text 120 times a day or more - and there seems to be a lot of them - are more likely to have had sex or used alc...
The study's authors aren't suggesting that "hyper-texting" leads to sex, drinking or drugs, but say it's startling to see an apparent link between excessive messaging and that kind of risky behavior.

After-Hours Texting and Media Use May Cause More Than Sleep Problems in Kids, Study Finds

If your kids wake up bleary-eyed every day and you're concerned they may have a sleep problem, you may want to take a look at exactly what they're doing after the lights go out. Children who sneak time on their cell phones, computers and other...OMG, parents, it's time to take away your teen's cell at night. Sleep is nothing to LOL about.

Apple Makes Crude Teen iPhone Sexting Obsolete (Then You Woke Up)

Your iPhone can now be sext-free. Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Gee, adults are sooo smart. They came up with a way to block teenagers from "sexting" -- that is, sending sexually explicit text messages -- on their cell phones. Ha! Ga...
Oh, yeah, kids will never outwit this latest attempt to clean up their text messages

Teens Looking for Pot Text Sheriff by Mistake

Texting the police for pot? Priceless. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
A couple of Montana teenagers apparently are all thumbs when it comes to texting. Two boys, ages 15 and 16, sent a text to someone they thought could hook them up...

Opinion: Your Grade-Schooler Doesn't Need a Cell Phone

Call it a day -- cell phones just aren't for kids. Credit: jupiterimages
Today's conventional wisdom seems to dictate that "cell phone" should be right there on the back-to-school shopping list along with markers, crayons and new shoes, but whe...

Wear Wristwatch? Use Email? Not for Class of '14

Today's college freshmen might have used a phone with a cord ... at their grandparents'. Credit: Getty Images
MILWAUKEE (AP) - For students entering college this fall, e-mail is too slow, phones have never had cords and the computers they played ...

Kids May Be Away at College, but More Parents Are Keeping Them Close Through Chat

Is he calling? Oh, it's Mom. Again. Credit: Getty Images
You'll need quarters for the laundry machines. And definitely shower slippers and a bath caddy. Highlighter pens and notebooks? Better stock up on those, too. Oh, and sweetie, whatever yo...

Teens Addicted to Texts, Study Finds

OMG, texting is way up. Credit: Getty Images
NEW YORK (AP) - Teenagers have embraced text messaging as their main form of communication, but mobile phones are often a source of tension with parents and schools, a new survey found. The frequenc...

Is Your Kid Ready for a Cell Phone? A Parental Primer

Are you ready for your kid to have a phone? Credit: Corbis
In the olden days, children asked their parents for a car. Today, the more common request is for a cell phone. The question is also being asked much earlier, and more often. A study by...

Get Off The Cell Phone, Hot Rod! This Is Utah

How'd you like to look in your rear view mirror and see her driving the car behind you? Credit: Corbis
Hey, boys and girls, there's nothing LOL about texting while you're driving. In fact, using a cell phone at all when you're driving do...


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