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Celeb Baby News: Carla Bruni 'Officially' Preggers, Kate Hudson Names Baby Boy Bing and More

Credit: Franck Prevel, Getty Images
Haven't been keeping up on the latest celebrity baby news? Here are a few items to impress your friends with this weekend!
Carla Bruni really is pregnant! After months of speculation, Carla Bruni-...
Bada bing! Baby name explained, pregnancy confirmed and Jim and Pam are having another kid!

The Office's Angela has a baby girl

Dunder Mifflin fans will be happy to hear that Angela Kinsey, who plays uptight head of accounting Angela Martin on NBC's The Office, is doing just fine after giving birth on Saturday. Isabelle Ruby Lieberstein is the first child for Kinsey and her ...

Angela Kinsey expecting

With NBC's The Office on hiatus due to the writer's strike, actress Angela Kinsey has moved on to her next big production. US Weekly reports that the actress who plays the uptight Office ice queen is expecting her first child with television writer...

ParentDish Feature: What are you watching? The season finales

(May 21, 2007) Boy, did I choose the right time to start this feature, or what? The main networks are having their season finales last week and this week, so we are looking toward a long hot summer of re-runs. But have no fear! I know that I will sti...

ParentDish feature: What did you watch this week? Monday May 7

Did you see Lost last week? [Spoilers ahead] I like posting this blog on Mondays because I figure (hope) that most of us have had a chance to watch our recorded shows by now. Of course, this week, I didn't have a chance to see My Name is Earl or The ...

New ParentDish Weekly Feature: What are you watching?

(Sunday April 29, 2007) Shhh... Don't tell the other ParentDish writers this... but I watch television. I don't know for sure that none of them do, but I am pretty sure that they don't. Or, if they do, they probably don't watch it in the same quantit...


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