Do We Live in a Child-Intolerant Society?

Cabin Fever reporting live from underneath the seats of our local cinema. The box of popcorn has been dumped. The floor is sticky. The 23-month-old has just discovered that he can crawl under this row to the one behind us. I've just discovered that I...

Is Your Child Ready for Theatre School?

Performance comes naturally to children. Think: tantrum at the grocery store. Think: pantomime of disgust when supper fails to please. Think: playing dress-up and pretend. And while not every child is interested in taking his flair for the dramatic t...

Making movie night worth the babysitter

Babysitters aren't cheap these days and on top of the actual cost you have to figure in the hassle of finding one, instructing them, and, possibly driving them home afterwards. But suppose you've done all that and now you and your significant other a...

Theatre bans unaccompanied kids

We were in Carson City a week and a half ago, but little did we know about the controversial change that had taken place at the town's only movie theatre. Beginning February 15th, no one under the age of eighteen would be allowed in the theatre after...

When two worlds collide

When I first learned I was going to be a father, I was in art school -- the place where narcissistic college students and self-centered artists collide to form shockingly self-important young people with a flair for the dramatic. "What? Me? A fathe...

Ambitious field trip with a side order of culture

This week I am on an extended field trip with my oldest son's 8th grade class. Yesterday his class of 17 adolescent children loaded up into four cars and we trekked across Western Colorado and into the Southwestern corner of Utah to Cedar City to att...

Like Home -- A new play by the author of Breed 'Em and Weep

So here's something you don't come across too often -- a blogger who's actually a successful playwright.  Jennifer Mattern, author of the always-witty Breed 'Em and Weep, has written a play, Like Home, which "is a tragicomic family tale of ...


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