Surprise pregnancy side effects

I have two friends who are currently pregnant. Both of them are expecting their third child are due in about eight weeks. One complains mostly of the standard aches and pains associated with carrying around a child inside of you and has found this pr...

The Movie Spoiler: For those of us who don't have time for the movies

Being a parent, especially a new one, means less time for pretty much anything else, at least at the beginning. Besides the time a few weeks ago my husband let me sneak out of the house to see Knocked Up with a friend I haven't been to the theatre s...

Baby shower etiquette

One of my dear friends is due to have her first baby in less than a month. We have a common group of friends, a vivacious circle of truly spirited women. We all have our twenty-something pasts in common, late nights slinging beers to rowdy regulars a...

Pregnant Mom kicked off bus due to toddler tantrum

It seems to me that, all of a sudden, there is a backlash against people with toddlers that act out. By now, I'm sure you heard the story about the family kicked off an airplane due to a toddler. Now a lady, who was nine months pregnant at the time, ...

Iron Supplements and Pregnancy

You know, every time I go the OBGYN for a checkup, which lately seems to be nearly every other week, they seem to be recommending that I get some shot or take some supplement or do some other thing I wouldn't normally do. I am not in the habit of t...

Hong Kong stops pregnant women at border

Here's an interesting story out of China: Officials in Hong Kong plan on not allowing women who are seven months pregnant (or more) through the city's borders unless they can prove they have appointment at a city hospital. Hong Kong has seen the numb...

Pro-golfer working in final trimester

I hated going to work when I was pregnant. With my first child, I had a "desk job" as a newspaper reporter. I spent the majority of my days either very hungry, tired or throwing up. The one thing I wanted most in the world was to be able to work at h...

Sofia Coppola expecting a daughter

"Marie Antoinette" director Sofia Coppola has announced that she and her boyfriend, Thomas Mars, are expecting a daughter. Sofia, who is seven months along, told USA Today that she has yet to begin picking out names for her daughter, saying it is muc...


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