Ticketed for Speeding on the way to the Delivery Room

We live three blocks from the hospital where I gave birth the second time. THREE BLOCKS. But when I was in labor, it seemed like three miles ... and also like it took three hours for my husband to find a parking place. It's hard to imagine, then, ...

PD*Poll: Do you spank?

Here are the facts: at a July 4th parade in Iowa, a young mother spanked her toddler. A police officer witnessed the spanking and wrote the mom a ticket, citing her with child abuse now, she's suing the state. Who is right? Well, that depends. On a l...

Jaywalking is a naughty thing

When I was a kid, nobody ever thought twice about jaywalking. You checked for cars, made sure they couldn't get you, and crossed. In the middle of the block, against the light, whatever. Then I got "pulled over," if you will, over in a smaller town i...

Here's your traffic ticket, here's your baby

When a cop gives you a ticket, it's not really a happy occasion, nor is he really someone you want to see again, even if you were eventually cleared of the charge. Janene Bull used to think so too. A year ago, she was given a ticket for driving with ...


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