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More Pizza! More TV! Now, That's a Parenting Plan

Mmmm ... Pizza. Credit: AP
Oh, for crying out loud, let your kids eat pizza and watch TV.
It's not going to kill them. Paying for all sorts of private lessons? Driving to and from organized sports? None of that matters, a parenti...
Parenting expert says chill out and pass the remote.

The Chinese Mom Gets Her Just Desserts: Does Strict Parenting Spell Success?

Amy Chua, aka The Chinese Mom, author of "The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom," is the woman who rejected her 4-year-old's homemade birthday card because it wasn't good enough. I could argue her no playdates, no second-place child-rearing regime is an a...It's time to treat the Tiger Mom to some of her own medicine. She wants results. I got them.

Tiger Mom, Amy Chua's Daughter Defends Her

Tiger Mom Amy Chua has been attacked for her uber-strict parenting style. Credit: AP Photo/Larry D. Moore Writer Amy Chua unleashed a parenting fury after shocking the world with her essay on her Confucian child-rearing practices, whic...The Tiger Mom's teenage daughter responds to her mother's critics.


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