'Toddlers and Tiaras' Mom Aggressively Whitens Kids' Teeth

Mothers who enter their preschool tots in beauty pageants are usually gentle, laid-back souls who just want their little ones to meet other kids and have some fun. Meanwhile, back in this universe, TV viewers are supposedly horrified by a page...Son of a bleach! Some say mom goes too far for white teeth.

New TLC Documentary Checks in On McCaughey Septuplets, Now 13

Thirteen candles? Try 91. The world's first surviving septuplets celebrated their entrance into the world of teendom when they turned 13 last month, and in a TLC special the McCaugheys talk about their struggles, challenges and triumphs. In...The McCaughey septuplets are 13. Join in on the party tonight on TLC.

Maybe, Baby? TLC Launches 'A Conception Story' Online Reality Series

Six women share their dreams of motherhood on A Conception Story. Credit: TLC
From the network that brought you "Jon and Kate Plus 8" and "19 Kids and Counting," pro-procreation TLC has now launched "A Conception Story," an online reality series ...

Hot New Reality Family Replacing The Gosselins?

The Hayes family, stars of TLC's "Table For 12." Credit: Zave Smith, TLC
Two parents struggling with the ups and downs of raising a large family made up of two pairs of twins and a set of sextuplets: Sound familiar? Meet the Hayes family, stars...

Kate Gosselin: Celebrity, Mother, Author

Kate Gosselin is a wife, mother and author who became a celebrity once she began taping the TLC show "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." Kate and her husband, Jon Gosselin, are parents to eight children -- fraternal twins Cara and Madelyn, born in 2000, and s...

Kate Gosselin - Her Side

Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8
Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you had one more child? How about two more? How about SIX more? Four years ago, Jon and Kate Gosselin went from being parents of two to parent...

Jennifer Lopez NOT trotting out the babies on TLC

Despite what people are saying (myself included), Jennifer Lopez's rep says the star is not about to make television stars out of her children. The confusion is understandable. Last week TLC released press materials describing the planned 'docuserie...

Single moms looking for love

There is a new reality show coming that is sure to appeal to many of the more than 10 million single mothers in the United States. Single Moms, debuting this June on TLC, takes a look at what it is like for a single woman raising kids to find love an...

Little People dad gets DUI

DUI's are not just for young, rich Hollywood starlets. Matt Roloff, the father on TLC reality series, Little People, Big World, was pulled over in Washington County, Oregon in June after he was seen having difficulty keeping his car in one lane. Afte...

Celebrity Dish: Jon and Kate Gosselin

There's hardly a quiet moment in the Gosselin household. Like parents the world over, Kate and Jon Gosselin of Pennsylvania keep busy juggling household duties and kids. However, things are a bit different for the Gosselins than most of their parenta...

Jon & Kate Plus 8: Life with twins AND sextuplets

I am addicted to TLC. Mostly I watch What Not To Wear, but about a year ago, I stumbled on to "Surviving Twins and Sextuplets," the story of Kate and Jon Gosselin's remarkable family. Kate and Jon have six-year-old twin daughters and two-year-old sex...

Exclusive: Michelle Duggar is pregnant!

I recently wrote about a rumor going around online that Michelle Duggar, of the "Duggar Family" fame, is pregnant. For those of you who aren't up to date on the happenings on TLC, the Duggars are a family that lives in Arkansas and has 16 children. M...

Kid filmmakers document their lives for TV

Twenty kids, ages 7-12, have been documenting their lives for a new Discovery Channel series called My Life As a Child. Acting as producer, director, and cameraperson, the kids spent 4 months videotaping their views on parents, peers and growing up. ...

Would you go on television to get parenting help?

Who hasn't looked at their child at one point or another and thought "what the heck do I do?" Whether the problem is fighting at bedtime, not eating at dinner or tantrums in public, you wish there was a magic button to help you learn what to do. TLC ...

"Little People Big World" star injured

When it comes to television, one of my favorite shows is TLC's Little People Big World. I have a special place in my heart for the Roloffs, an Oregon family where three of its six members are dwarfs. In fact, I since I tend to watch the show while ma...


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