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Toddler Beds: How to Choose the Right One for Your Child

Consider adding rails when setting up your child's toddler bed. Credit: Getty Images Finding the right time to move your child out of the confines of a crib and into a toddler bed depends on a variety of factors, but if yo...Your little one is still in a crib but can climb out. When is it time for a real bed?

How to Make the Move from the Crib to a Toddler Bed

Is your toddler ready for his own bed? Credit: Getty Images
They've slept in their cribs for months -- or years -- but at some point, it's time to move your little ones into beds.
Generally, kids start this transition anywhere from 18 to 30 ...

What are the best online decor stores for kids?

Nolan has outgrown his crib, and though I'm quite sure it will involve a lot of late-night visits to Mom's room (and probably several tumbles on to the hardwood), I've bought him a big-boy toddler bed. It's awesome: dark wood with beautiful slats and...

How do you toddler proof?

I wasn't very good at babyproofing the house. I tentatively moved some cords around, and inserted some plastic doohickies in the light sockets, but in general I didn't think about the stuff that mattered: my pen tray on the desk, leaving my juice on ...

The right time to move your child from a crib to a bed

My two-year-old son loves his crib. When I put him down for a nap or for bed time he giggles and snuggles into his blanket and crib bumper. Often when he wakes up he will call out for assistance and then snuggle in his crib while he laughs and chats ...


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