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Snack Time? Try This Crunchy, Low-Fat Pita Chip Recipe

As far as snack food goes, potato chips have been a longtime hit with many kids (and adults, of course). Whether you're looking for an afternoon crunch or evening munch, chips usually seem like a great idea. But what often comes with a bag of chips i...

Whining and Dining: Toddler Thanksgiving Special

I'm Canadian, so we already had our Thanksgiving in October. I forget why we celebrate on a different date than Americans, but I expect it has to do with the cold and our shorter growing season. This week's Whining and Dining tip comes from Lea at Qu...

Whining and Dining: What to feed your discerning gourmet

Based on feedback we got from our readers a while ago, it's clear that many parents are looking for ideas on what to feed those most discerning gourmets -- kids. As a result, we've created a Whining and Dining category. Our goal is to help you find e...


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