Go Ahead and Sleep With Your Toddler, Study Says

Credit: Getty Images
Does sleeping with a toddler leave the child socially maladjusted and lead to other developmental problems?
Not according to fresh research from Stony Brook University in New York. "After statistical adjustme...
Researchers find sleeping with toddlers doesn't do them any harm.

Sippy Cups: Is Your Child Ready?

There are lots of options when it comes to sippy cups. Credit: Getty Images
Sippy cups can be a sanity-saving bridge between the bottle and a cup, and they can give your child a bit of independence at a tender age.
Sometime befo...
Sippy cups come in all different shapes and sizes, here's what you need to know for a good one.

Processed Foods Can Lower a Child's IQ, Study Finds

Foods low in vitamins and nutrients can actually lower your child's IQ. Credit: Getty Super sweet breakfast cereals, pre-packaged lunches and fast-food dinner runs may be convenient for parents feeding their kids on the go, but a diet h...A diet high in fat, sugar and processed foods can actually lower a child's IQ.

Top 100 Books for Toddlers: ParentDish Picks

Pop-up books like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" are a fun way to get toddlers excited about reading. Credit: Amazon As an infant moves into toddlerhood, books become a great companion. A young child reacts more, beg...Help instill a love for reading in your little one with these 100 fantastic picks.

ParentDish's 20 Top Educational Toys for Toddlers

Zoolino Maxi Building Blocks by HABA. Credit: HABA
Toys are fun, but sometimes we want fun to be a little more productive. Educational toys might seem like an oxymoron to some, but many toys that seem like they are "just fun" are very educational...
Educational toys might seem like an oxymoron to some, but many toys that seem like they are "just fun" are very educational, and many educational toys are a lot of fun.

Eco-Friendly Mats Make Nap Time Healthier

Cotton beats vinyl every time. Credit: SewnNatural
Say no to PVC, phthalates and any other nasty toxins that may be lurking in your child's vinyl or polyester nap mat. SewnNatural carries a full line of eco-friendly nap mats that are perfect...

Yo, These Toddler T-Shirts Are Fresh

Don't I look fly? Credit: Bumps and Bruises
What do two young, hip dads do when they can't find cool clothes for their little boys to wear? If they're T-shirt designers like Manny Cabrera and Pedro Tuma, they start their own boys' clothing l...

Do We Live in a Child-Intolerant Society?

Cabin Fever reporting live from underneath the seats of our local cinema. The box of popcorn has been dumped. The floor is sticky. The 23-month-old has just discovered that he can crawl under this row to the one behind us. I've just discovered that I...

Gerber Toddler Meals Get The 'Salt Lick' Treatment

In a fast-paced world where whipping up daily meals from scratch is a challenge for most parents, it can be tempting to reach for the convenience of packaged foods. But the next time you consider that processed toddler meal, you may want to think Ger...

How to Shake the Winter Blues With Your Toddler

There's just no delicate way to say it: When you have toddler twins, winter sucks. At age two-and-a-half, my children feel the need to run wild, be warm and wear as few items of clothing as possible, and winter just throws a wrench into everything. ...

Cameraman Puts Job On Hold to Help Rescue Haitian Toddler

An Australian TV cameraman apologized to his boss for missing the big shot of a child being pulled from the rubble after last week's devastating earthquake in Haiti, but he had possibly the best excuse we've ever heard -- he helped rescue the toddl...

How to Take a Fabulous Holiday Photo of Your Kids

Shannon Echlin 2009
Like most parents, I take a lot of photos. Truth be told, there are well over a thousand shots hanging out on my hard drive, and my twins are only two-and-a-half years old. You would think that with all this snapping, I would ...

A Case for the Distractible Toddler: Psychologists Suggest Parents Should Wait to Teach Toddlers Self-Control

Researchers are posing new questions about toddler brain development. Credit: debaird, Flickr
Toddlers can be maddeningly distractible, but should we really be trying to teach them self-control? University of Pennsylvani...

Fine Motor Skills: A Timeline

Fine motor skills refers to the coordination of the small muscles of the body. These include the hands, wrists, fingers, feet, toes, lips and tongue. There are two types of motor skills: fine motor and gross motor skills, which are the movements of t...

Dogs and Toddlers Understand Gestures at Same Level

Dogs are just as smart as two-year-olds sometimes, according to a recent study. Photo: jupiterimages
It turns out that dogs are more like our children than we realize. Two studies have found that man's best friend possesses a two-year-old child's...


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