Make a Cooking Date With Your Child

Cabin Fever loves to cook. And I want my children to love cooking, too. While they all know how to stir batter, eat chocolate chips off the counter and lick the bowl, I've struggled to find time to involve each of them individually in the preparation...

Puzzles: Why Old-Fashioned Toys Never Go Out of Style

Sleepy days spent indoors: All parents who stay home with their children know these days well. Cabin Fever is right here, right now. Deep in the clutches of winter. We're snowed in, our senses dulled by lack of sunlight, our motivation to burst into ...

Expert Tips for Getting Kids Involved in the Kitchen

"You don't need to be an expert to cook," Elisabeth de Mariaffi tells Cabin Fever. Elisabeth is the author of Eat It Up!, a colourful and practical new cookbook for children, and she's just the person to reassure a harried and hopeful parent that c...

The joy of being silly

We have a lot of silly in our house. As I write this, I have a 17-month-old and a little girl that will turn three in a couple of weeks. Now that I think of it...we have more than "a lot" of silly. We have truckloads. Isn't that the great thing about...

Volunteering ideas for Spring Break

I've read a few blogs recently that discussed "winter break," a concept that is completely foreign to me. A break? In winter? Didn't you just have Christmas break? Since I'm confused on the concept of "winter break" (I think these people are also the...


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