toilet paper 

Detroit School Asks Parents to Donate Toilet Paper

It's not unusual for teachers to ask parents to send in items that make the classroom run more smoothly -- Kleenex, for example, disinfecting wipes, or hand sanitizer. But a Detroit elementary school's recent requests are far more basic ... and alarm...

Trying not to laugh

As parents, we sometimes find ourselves in the situation of being presented with a sight that is undeniably hilarious, but at which we simply cannot allow ourselves to laugh. Regardless of how funny a situation might be, we can't afford to let the ki...

Blogging Baby Sleepover for Sunday, September 17

Whew. After our regular Sunday morning trek to swim class, Rachel went out with her sisters-in-law to shop for her cousin's baby shower. That meant I got to take the kids down to the mall and to the park. They're tired and cranky; I'm more tired and ...


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