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Preschooler, 3, Suspended for Potty Mishaps

Many schools enforce potty training policies -- but are they fair? Credit: Corbis Parents typically have a checklist of questions they want answered when enrolling their toddlers in preschool. Here's a new one to add: "What happens if ...The child's mom wants the school district to change its policy on potty training preschoolers.

Are girls easier to potty train than boys?

When friends of toddlers ask me for advice on potty training, I usually just shrug my shoulders. I don't really remember the "training" part of teaching my daughters to use the toilet; it just sort of happened. In fact, when my younger daughter was s...

Potty training: Boy edition

Having successfully survived the trials and tribulations of toilet training four boys automatically earns me the title of "Male Potty Training Expert" among new parents. However, when anyone asks how I transitioned them from raunchy diaper-fillers to...

Melissa Joan Hart stars in potty training video

Melissa Joan Hart's career is in the toilet. Literally. The Sabrina the Teenage Witch star will be featured in online video diary that details her two-year-old son Mason's potty training progress. The video will be put out by Kimberly-Clark, who manu...

Potty training newsletters? Yes.

I have not changed a nuclear toddler-plus diaper in over a week and a half, and I think I am more giddy with excitement, pride and relief than I was on the day I graduated University. I am actually really surprised at how hard and all-consuming potty...

Potty school, calling in the professionals

I was chatting with a friend the other day about all the things parents are expected to teach their children that might be better handled by a professional. On the top of the list, after bike riding and shoe tying, was toilet training. Turns out that...

Ask Blogging Baby: do you wake a sleeping pooper?

Everett is potty training, and things are going really well (finally!). But, we continue to have trouble with the poop aspect of our potty life. Thank goodness, he's no longer holding his poops for (literally) 10 days because he doesn't want to sit o...


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