too many toys 

Picture Daze: How Too Much Comes to Mean Nothing

I think it was the dance recital portrait offer that put me over the edge. For a mere $70, a photographer would take a picture of my 5-year-old in her tap costume, providing makeup and styling services along with the snap of the shutter. Total num...The more you have of everything, the less you value anything.

Weeding old toys - Tell the kids or not?

"Make two piles," I told my five-year-old. "Those you want to keep and the ones you want to give away." I left her sitting in front of a gigantic basket of stuffed animals, about a quarter of her collection. We were spending the day organizing the gi...

Help! Mom is drowning in toys

My children own far too many toys. I can't really pinpoint when it became out of control. First, there were just two or three baskets spread throughout the house, and now we are drowning in them. I rarely actually purchase a toy (new) for them myself...


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