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Car Towed With Girl Inside - Tow Truck Operators Charged

Sometimes you get home and open up your package and find a little something extra in there. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not. I think for tow truck drivers Jason Bryant and Derek Miller, what they found in the car they towed turned out to b...

Car towed with sleeping kid inside

Parking in a fire lane when you aren't actually driving a fire truck is a risky move. Besides being in the way should a fire break out, you could get ticketed and/or towed. But as a mom in Dallas found out, parking your non-emergency vehicle in a fir...

Stranded, with toddler

Taking Nolan clothes shopping reminds me of goat cheese. In 2001 I was in Paris solo, working my way back up to the Netherlands from Portugal, navigating cobblestones and hobbling through my precarious French in small bistros. I kept ordering goat c...

Blogging Baby Books: My Truck Is Stuck

Jared first found this book at school last year. His teacher read it to the class one day -- a day I happened to be there -- and it immediately became his favorite. The story is simple (and, unfortunately, one I'm all too familiar with in real life) ...


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