Penguin Race Game

Watch penguins race in this fun game. Credit:
Between "Mr. Popper's Penguins" and "Happy Feet 2" we're seeing black and white -- and loving it.
So, we say, bring on the penguin fun. In Schylling's Penguin Race, penguins m...

Pinkalicious Pinkatastic Cupcake Decorating Set

The Pinkalicious Pinktastic Cupcake Decorating Set looks good enough to eat. Credit: Little girls and cupcakes go together like princesses and pink -- so it should be pretty obvious why the Pinkatastic Cupcake D...Little girls and cupcakes go together like princesses and pink -- so it should be pretty obvious why the Pinkatastic Cupcake Decorating Set is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


For a couple quarters, you can add trendy Sqwishlanders to your child's stocking. Credit: Sqwishlanders
Zhu Zhu pets? So last year.
This year's animal toy craze is much smaller -- and squishier. Sqwishlanders -- rubbery, cute, colle...
The kooky characters make cute -- and cheap -- stocking stuffers.

Happy 95th Birthday, Raggedy Ann!

95 years, later, Raggedy Ann still makes a great BFF for little ones. Credit: Amazon
Help celebrate lovable, red-headed Raggedy Ann's 95th birthday today with a new edition of exclusive, vintage-inspired Raggedy Ann and Andy Anniversary dolls c...

Is Any Baby Product Safe Enough?

Grab your babies out of their Gracos! The Consumer Product Safety Commission has just declared Graco's Harmony high chair a hideous hazard to humanity. How hideous? Of the 1.2 million units sold, the Commission has received -- sit down (and try ...

G.I. Joe Dolls: A Brief History

G.I. Joe's appearance marked the debut of the action figure. Hasbro introduced the military-themed dolls in 1964. The original figures were realistic 12-inch toy soldiers that represented the four branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Action Soldier...

Are Educational Toys Just Commercial Products In Disguise?

The Scholastic Book Fair has stood the test of time. Just about every school has one -- not to mention those monthly Scholastic Book Club brochures you find crumpled in your child's backpack. Some things have changed, though. Over the past year there...

Obama Action Figure Outselling Elmo!

Hard to believe, folks, and yet it is true. Not only do we have a truly historical election and to-be presidency on our hands, but we also have a toy that has at last broken the final frontier of consumerism--outselling Elmo! For those of you unawar...

DailyDish - The old switcheroo

Kid got your blackberry? Get it back by offering him something he thinks he wants more....

Doll pulled over Islamic message

Elmo Live may be the hot toy of the season this year, but it's a cute little baby doll who is getting all the attention right now. Fisher Price's Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo doll is supposed to utter only one actual word: Mama. The r...

New toy safety bill in the works

It seems like a day doesn't go by that we don't hear about another recalled toy -- lead paint, dangerous chemicals, magnets -- but that will, hopefully, become less common, due to legislation making its way through congress. It's been hailed as the "...

How to buy American-made, lead free toys

Did you hear? Lead-free is the new black. And American-made is the new lead-free. Looking for a way to find good, quality, safe toys for your children this holiday season Look no further! This article on thedailygreen offers not only tips for buyi...

500 toys not made in China

What with recall after recall of toys made in China, many contaminated with toxic levels of lead, a lot of parents are looking for toys made elsewhere this holiday season. According to one website, Toys-R-Us has conveniently put together a list of mo...

An exersaucer saved my life

In my quest to find something both entertaining and educational for my six month old son to do that will also free up my hands a little I've found myself worn out. The older he gets the more mobile my baby has become. His desire to, well, just DO t...

Product Recall: Thomas & Friends, Curious George Tops and Pails

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Schylling Associates Inc., of Rowley, Mass.have announced a voluntary recall of Spinning Tops and Tin Pails. Can you guess why? Of course, it is due to excessive levels of lead paint in the Chinese made...


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