Teachers Get Trained to Handle Parents

Just as they do here in the States, teachers in Japan have to continually further their education with courses, seminars, and such. In Japan, however, teachers have the option of taking a course that teaches them, among other things, how to deal with...

Angelina Jolie compares raising kids to action movies

Just when I think Angelina Jolie is going to annoy me to death, she whips out some quip or does something fantastic that reminds me how people with money and power can--and do--actually use it for good. Sometimes, too, the beautiful and privileged ...

San Francisco Police take on school shootings

We were all in the car, taking Jared to school when we spotted the police cars at the high school a couple of blocks away. A dozen of them, perhaps more. We would have been concerned, had we not seen the large highway signs saying "Police Training in...

Potty-training, Japanese style

There are a lot of things I truly admire about the Japanese culture. My bathroom is an homage to Japanese style and when designing it, I studied books and websites and consulted with experts in order to get it just right. There are also a lot of thin...

Can kids teach their parents CPR?

It's always nice to be able to share something positive with you. Generally here at ParentDish you read about how parents are trying to positively influence their children, but according to this recent report children may be able to influence their...

Pets and your new baby

Sigh. I woke up this morning to a barfing wiener dog who then later pooped in the living room and the kitchen. I caught the one in the living room but somehow missed the one in the kitchen. I suppose it was because, as usual, I was holding and atten...

Things they don't tell you Volume 432: Potty training is hard

"Poop!" Nolan looks at me with wide eyes, one dimpled hand creeping slowly to the elastic waistband of his size-6 Huggies,"I gotcha poop!" I scoop him up and for the thirty-second time in the last week, run into the bathroom, snatching a glimpse of h...


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