Reviews: What's New This Week

Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full. In Theaters: "Life as We Know It" After the death of their mutual friends, a...Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media.

Teacher Gives New Meaning to "Five Second Rule"

If you are a parent, then you are probably familiar with the "five second rule." This rule applies to edible items dropped on the floor: If the food has been on the ground for less than five seconds, the rule says it may be picked up and eaten as if ...

Oscar the Grouch says reduce waste

Oscar the Grouch may love trash but that doesn't mean he wants people to generate more of it. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Oscar is the spokesgrouch this year for Waste Reduction Week, taking place this week in Canada. The annual campaign is aim...

That wonderful age

Jared is at an amazing, delightful stage in his life. It's these times that I cherish now and will most certainly miss later on. Later, when he is a teenager and, if I'm lucky, will acknowledge me just enough to tell me to go to hell, I'll look back ...

Stuck deer is freed from plastic Halloween pumpkin

A couple of days ago I was listening to the radio when I heard the story of the deer whose head was caught in a plastic Halloween pumpkin. The deer frequented a gated community where it likely got stuck in what appeared to be a feed bag, but was actu...

Teaching kids about the trash issue

Occasionally I'll run across something truly stunning on the internet that so excites me that I feel compelled to stop all activity around me (meaning that I interrupt my children from whatever it is they happen to be doing at that moment) and order ...


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