Chilean Miners and Their Families Need Time to Grieve, Regroup

Miner Franklin Lobo, right, embraces his daughter Carolina after he was rescued on Oct. 13.Credit: Gabriel Ortega/Chilean government/AP The families of 33 Chilean miners dramatically rescued yesterday from an underground bunker as the ...The whole range of emotions these 33 men and their families have experienced since the mine collapsed can be likened to a "really long holding of the breath," says Susan Stiffelman, ParentDish's AdviceMama.

Running over the family dog, not a good scene

Last Friday I was driving home with my younger two children, Cassidy and Devon, in the car. My daughter was out of school on a half day and my youngest was off for the entire day. We were doing what we always do in the car: I was driving while half l...

I'll tell my child she's adopted when I'm good and ready

Hallelujah! At least somebody has the cojones to call "adoption experts" on the carpet for dispensing "advice" on how to inform your child that he or she was adopted. John Rosemond takes these people behind the woodshed by saying that "telling the tr...

Does the family bed ever end?

When my first son was born I was young and terribly inexperienced. Still in college at the time, I was not nearly prepared for all that would come with the new title of Mom. One aspect that particularly kicked me in the butt was sleeping. During the ...

Predicting post-tramatic stress disorder in kids

An article on MedlinePlus today reported that a simple questionnaire could help predict whether a child injured in an accident is likely to develop post-traumatic stress. Australian researchers found that a short questionnaire they developed to scree...

Children and war

A recent study from Queen's University in Canada found that 98 % of Gaza's children have experienced or witnessed warm trauma. Most children in the Gaza Strip have been tear gassed, have had their homes searched and damaged, and have witnessed shooti...


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