Backyard Treehouse Survives Manhattan Legal Fight

The treehouse stays. Credit: AP
NEW YORK (AP) - In the countryside, in the suburbs or even in the leafier districts of New York's outer boroughs, a treehouse would hardly raise an eyebrow. But in a historic Manhattan neighborhood whose residents ...
The treehouse can not only stay - it's been granted landmark status.

If You Build It, They Will Play: Fantasy Playhouses

With a castle in their backyard, the Budge home is a popular spot for play dates. Credit: Lisa Budge
Barbara Butler has been helping parents make their kids' dreams come true for more than two decades, conjuring up castles for little princesses, ...

City sinks pirate ship

I have a very short list of places I would live if I couldn't live in San Francisco -- basically, it's the Russian River area just north of here and Vancouver, British Columbia (with Portland, Oregon a maybe). Some of the lustre has come off one of t...

A treehouse full of guns

I've been wanting to build a treehouse for my kids for quite a while now, but after reading this story I think there's one feature I'm definitely going to add -- a lock. A father in Florida went out to check on the treehouse he'd built for his daught...

National Playground Safety Week

The grass is greening, the trees are budding and red and yellow tulips are popping up everywhere. It must be Spring! Along with Mother Nature's show, one of the most reliable indicators that Spring has actually sprung is the sounds of children out an...

Dad builds awesome fantasy treehouse

It's been a year and a half and I've accomplished nothing, but I haven't given up on the idea of building a treehouse for the kids. It's just that a lack of time, a lack of funds, and no shortage of more pressing tasks have kept me from doing anythin...

Amazing forts and playhouses

Having a Barbara Butler playhouse in your yard would be on the same level of awesome as having Martha Stewart organize and decorate your house. For 18 years, Butler has combined construction skills she acquired from assisting her contractor brothers...

Knit a treehouse

For all you parents fortunate enough to live in parts of the world that aren't freezing cold right now, here's an outdoor project that looks like fun: "treehouse knitting." It involves creating hammocks between high branches of strong trees. Seems pr...

Fear of falling

I'm not prone to nightmares. My dreams tend more towards a Lethal Weapon sort of action adventure type plot than a Jason or Freddy type. The only one I remember having is one where my father was on the end of a dock and the Creature from the Puce Lag...


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