Welcome Tenley, Harper, Castiel and Bentley: The Hottest Baby Names of 2010

With half of the year behind us, it's time to check in with our friends at for a baby name trend report. We know that Jacob and Isabella are the reigning king and queen of American baby names. But what's coming up next? To answe...

Think You Know Baby Name Trends?

Last week I gave you's forecast of the hottest rising baby names of 2009. But do you know what's hot right now? BNW's annual "Baby Name Pool" lets you match your sense of name style against readers from across the country. The...

Trend Report: The Hottest Baby Names of 2010

Baby name trends change faster today than ever before. Just a few years ago, a name like Ava was a refreshing surprise. Now it's a top five hit. What's up next? To find out, I've asked my friends at for an exclusive peek into the...


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