When Is It OK To Lie To Your Kids?

Is lying to your children ever acceptable? Or should you always tell them the truth? Image:
Over at MomLogic, psychologist Dr. Cara Gardenswartz tells us about some of the lies that parents tell their kids. She suggests that these lies...

White lies and the parents who tell them

We all tell white lies. If we say we don't, to each other and ourselves, we're telling a white lie right then and there. We tell them to other adults, and we certainly tell them to our kids. More often than not, we tell the white variety of the li...

PD*Poll: Lying to your children

My son Jared's beloved stuffed Mickey Mouse went to the Mickey Doctor and by the time Jared came home from school, Mickey was waiting there for him, as good as new. Of course, there's no such thing as a Mickey Doctor -- Mickey looked as good as new b...

The fibs moms tell

I remember it clearly. When we finally got a TV, my mother repeatedly told us not to sit too close to the telly or we would go blind. Well, according to this site, that's just one of a number of white lies moms tell their kids. It apparently was true...

Teacher reveals truth about Santa, will now get coal in stocking

Less than a week before Christmas, one classroom of kids just got their hearts ripped out. A UK teacher taught a lesson in which she stated that Santa was a myth, and that letters addressed to to him were handled by the postal service. To add salt to...

Yes, there's a Santa Claus.

I really didn't know that many parents didn't tell their children about Santa until I started reading weblogs. There's a whole lot of people that don't want to tell their children about Santa because they don't want to lie or mislead their kids. This...

I'll tell my child she's adopted when I'm good and ready

Hallelujah! At least somebody has the cojones to call "adoption experts" on the carpet for dispensing "advice" on how to inform your child that he or she was adopted. John Rosemond takes these people behind the woodshed by saying that "telling the tr...

Child fathered by another man: should you tell?

Recently, someone close to me learned that his little brother was fathered by another man. Mom has been dead for only a few years, and I wonder all kinds of things, like, why didn't she ever tell him? Or, did she tell him and he has chosen not to tel...


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