tubal ligation 

Politician suggests sterilization for poor women

Louisiana State Representative John LaBruzzo is concerned about the future. He's worried for the poor of his state who cannot afford the children they apparently keep having and about the quality of future generations made up of the children of the p...

Doctor reprimanded for secret sterilization

(Click the photo to learn how to sue for malpractice) Last year, when a woman in Berryville, Arkansas went into the hospital to deliver her baby by Cesarean section, she did not request or authorize her doctor to also perform a tubal ligation. But...

Would your family consider a vasectomy?

Back in the days before Eve Ensler, the word 'vagina' was the verboten V-word. Now, it seems, there is another V-word on the horizon that people -- well, guys -- refuse to discuss, let alone think about: the vasectomy. Women have long-regarded the v...

Tubal ligation, any regrets?

Nearly two years ago I had a tubal ligation. My third baby was almost 5 weeks-old. We had two other healthy children. I had tried nearly every form of birth control at that point: pills, injections, the patch, a diaphragm. The pills, patch and inject...


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