No exotic pets for kids under 5, say docs

Thinking of adding to your family zoo? If your kids are under 5, you might want to read this. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently sent out a warning to parents that certain pets and young children don't mix, especially exotic pets like hedgeh...

Best Pets for Kids: How to Choose Pets for Kids

When I was a kid, my parents indulged nearly every animal whim that I had, as long as I was responsible enough to back it up. And believe me, there were many. Puppies, cats, a parakeet, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs... we had them all. As an animal ...

Small red-eared slider turtles could return as pets

I had one, my brother had one, my best friend and her brother each had one- those cute little turtles that lived in the small, fake ponds with the small, fake palm tree on and even smaller island. We all had them when I was a kid and we loved them. T...

College students as lab rats

Christy is taking the summer off from school and looking to make some money with a part time job. She is focusing her job search on law offices, but perhaps being a paid lab rat might be more profitable. It certainly would be interesting. In Boston, ...

A dad's MacGyver moment

Yesterday I wrote about my search for the perfect birthday present for my 3-year-old daughter. Today, I come to you victorious. I bought a sandbox. It's odd, because I was looking for something small, and something that didn't have to live at our hou...

Off to see the giant leatherback turtles!

Last year, I told you about a family outing we did that was pretty special:  going to the northern coast of Trinidad to see the nesting of the giant leatherback turtles.  Well, it's nesting season again, and the experience of watching these...


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