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Federal Regulators Take Aim at Toucan Sam, Calling for Healthier Food

The FTC is making food manufacturers and restaurants an offer they can't refuse: Provide healthier food or the toucan gets it. Credit: Getty Images Cap'n Crunch forced to walk the plank? Toucan Sam stuffed and mounted? Lucky the leprec...Cereal killers? FTC makes companies an offer they can't refuse.

TV ads contribute to childhood obesity?

I don't like television commercials. In my mind, advertisements on TV are the very reason the mute button was invented. I dislike being 'sold' when I am trying to relax with a little television at the end of the day and so I tune it out. But kids are...

Moon Sand, good indoor fun

My daughter is a sucker for any sort of toy advertised on the Disney channel. Her favorites are the ones not available in stores and that if we order them in the next ten minutes, we are assured of receiving twice as many toys for just an additional ...


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