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Justin Bieber Guests on CSI: America's Young Girls Scream (But Maybe Not in a Good Way)

Teen idol Justin Bieber gets scary in a whole new way. Illustration: Christopher Healy
America's most popular show about collecting bodily fluid samples, "CSI," kicked off its 10th season last night with an episode guest starring Justin Bieber....
No, you weren't having a nightmare, you really did see Justin Bieber on CSI last night. Trying to up your ratings via 9-year-olds, CSI?

National Tween Convention Focuses on Positive Body Image

More than 200 tween girls, ages 9-14, gathered for the first National Tween Girl Summit in Washington. Credit: Jenna von Elling, AOL
Girls as young as 10 years old have negative thoughts and feelings about their body, and organizers of the first...


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