5 Summer Vacations Your Tween Won't Hate

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
What tween wants to go on a family vacation when she could stay home and text her pals? Not to mention, avoid the sheer humiliation of being seen with her parents in public.
But we asked travel experts to of...
Letting tweens choose a vacation itinerary that appeals to them makes everyone happier.

'You're the Meanest Mom in the World!'

Dear AdviceMama, My 12-year-old wants to do things that her friends get to do, but I don't think she's old enough and she's furious ... what should I do? Signed, "Meanest Mom" Dear Mom, When it comes to contests, there's one that ne...We need to be our child's parent, and that often means they aren't going to like us, AdviceMama says.

Facebook Can Lead to Depression in Adolescents, Report Says

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Facebook depression is common among teens. Credit: Getty Images Just when you think you've got the whole social media thing covered with your tween or teen, a new tech-related monster rears its ugl...
Just when you think you've got the whole social media thing covered with your tween or teen, a new tech-related monster rears its ugly head.

Abercrombie & Fitch Selling Padded Bikini Tops for Tweens

You're taking your 10-year-old daughter to the beach. Sunscreen? Check. Beach blanket? Check. Pail and shovel for building sandcastles? Check. Fake boobies? Whaaat? Want to get a head start on puberty? The folks at Abercrombie & Fitc...
Abercrombie & Fitch offers padded bikini tops to help little girls keep up with the Kardashians.

Walmart Launching GeoGirl Makeup Line for Tweens

Lots of little girls love dipping into their mothers' makeup bags, applying lipstick, blush and eyeshadow just like Mommy. And, although many say cosmetics are a no-no for kids, Walmart is set to premiere a new beauty line just for tweens. ...
Is 8 too young for girls to wear makeup? Walmart is hoping your tween will buy its new beauty line.

Top 100 Books for Tweens: ParentDish Picks

Lois Lowry's "The Giver" won the Newbery Medal in 1994. Credit: Amazon As much as counting and alphabet books stand out as the choices for young readers, tales of adventurous heroes and heroines pack the reading lists for kids in the...Tales of adventurous heroes and heroines pack the reading lists for kids in their tween years.

Victoria's New Secret: Your 7-Year-Old May Be the New Kid on the Bra Store Block

Girls, they grow up so fast. Too fast. Credit: Getty Images
For parents intent on keeping their little girls, well, just that -- little girls -- we hate to tell you, but tweendom is just around the corner. Translation: Your 7-year-old could be ge...
Girls are developing breasts earlier than ever.

Monique Coleman of 'High School Musical' Starts Web Series to Tackle Teen, Tween Issues

Monique Coleman is reaching out to teens and tweens with "GimmeMo." Credit: David Livingston, Getty Images
Oprah Winfrey may be queen when it comes to ruling the female adult audience, but Monique Coleman has her sights set on becoming the go-to ...
Monique Coleman wants to open the dialogue on tween and teen issues.

Justin Bieber Guests on CSI: America's Young Girls Scream (But Maybe Not in a Good Way)

Teen idol Justin Bieber gets scary in a whole new way. Illustration: Christopher Healy
America's most popular show about collecting bodily fluid samples, "CSI," kicked off its 10th season last night with an episode guest starring Justin Bieber....
No, you weren't having a nightmare, you really did see Justin Bieber on CSI last night. Trying to up your ratings via 9-year-olds, CSI?

Sex Education for Kids? Just Tune In, Log On, Listen Up

No glove, no love (we hope). Credit: Corbis
"Ain't no chaperones, this could be the night of your dreams ... We're rocking back and forth under the disco ball, we're the only ones on the floor ... Girl I promise I'll be gentle, I know we gotta ...
In a recent policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns pediatricians, parents and the media about the danger of sexual messages U.S. teens and children are getting from television, music, the Internet and other forms of media.

Lack of Attachment to Mom May Cause Early Puberty in Girls

She's a lot younger than she looks. Credit: Corbis
If you're still on the fence about how you feel about attachment parenting, new research findings about early puberty in girls may send you over the edge. In a study published this week in P...

Hair Waxing for Tweens: How Young Is Too Young?

Waxing too early can make it difficult for doctors to tell if girls are maturing properly. Credit: Getty Images
Girls can be in such a hurry grow up fast -- they want to wear makeup, carry purses and get waxed. Wait ... waxed? Yep, teen and ...

Movie Critic Kid, 11, Already Emmy-Winning Reviewer

Jackson Murphy, 11, may be the next Roger Ebert. Credit: Castle Photography
At age 11, Jackson Murphy has become one of the country's youngest movie critics. An only child from upstate New York, Murphy is known as Lights Camera Jackson and ...

Too Much Makeup? Don't Worry, Experts Say, the Clown Look Doesn't Last

Girls, girls, don't you know the natural look is in? Credit: Getty Images
Blue eyeshadow does not flatter anyone. And when it comes to applying makeup, try to put less paint on your face than Ronald McDonald or Bozo the Clown. Now off you ...

Talk to Your Tweens - Survey Shows They Want to Listen

It may not come as a big surprise that tweens tend to sweat the small stuff -- and the bigger stuff, too. But here's the good news: The majority of them want to talk to their folks about the things that are stressing them out. Unilever -- t...


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