Mothers of Twins: Born Tough?

In this study, mothers of twins lived longer. Credit: Corbis
Mothers of twins live longer.
Really? Or does it just feel that way because the chores ... never ... freakin' ... end? No, they really do live longer, but it's not beca...
Study suggests mothers of twins are made of sterner stuff.

Twins Now On the Way for Couple Involved in Embryo Mix-Up

After a clerical mix-up in a fertility clinic in 2009, Carolyn and Sean Savage were informed they were carrying another couple's child. The wrong embryo had been implanted, "Today" reports, but the Sylvania Township, Ohio, couple opted to cont...After a clerical mix-up in a fertility clinic in 2009, Carolyn and Sean Savage were informed they were carrying another couple's child.

Study: Parents With Twins Slightly More Likely to Get Divorced

Parents of twins are more likely to get divorced. Credit: Getty Images
Your parents will tell you that their divorce has nothing to do with you. It is not your fault.
Don't listen to them. You drove them to divorce. Or maybe it...
Relax. You didn't break up your parents' marriage. Blame your evil twin.

Heavier Twin May Have More Behavior Problems, Study Finds

Same appearance, different experiences. Credit: Getty Images
That chubby little baby may be cute and cuddly, but if she's a twin she's more likely to have behavioral problems later on, according to a new study. Twins who were at least 20 perce...

Are Matching Twin Names Too Cheesy?

How do you feel about anagram names? I am debating whether or not the names Celia and Alice would be okay for my twin girls. My husband says that this might be too cheesy, but I think that ryhming names are cheesy for twins, but anagram names are f...

Oh, Baby, Baby: Woman Gives Birth Twice in One Week

Usually, twins are born mere minutes -- or even seconds -- apart. In the case of one Ohio woman, however, her babies were delivered an entire week apart.
In what is called a delayed interval ...

Woman Pregnant With Her Third Set of Twins

A set of twins is a blessing. Two sets? OK, we're getting into quite unusual territory here. But three sets? That's just crazy town. Yep, Gezime Amer is six months pregnant with her third set of twins, all fraternal -- who will join her 12-yea...

Twins Don't Need To Be Separated At School, Study Shows

Twins might do just as well in the same classroom. Credit: Corbis
When their children reach school age, many parents of twins wrestle with the decision to separate the siblings or put them in the same classroom. But according to recent research...

How to Shake the Winter Blues With Your Toddler

There's just no delicate way to say it: When you have toddler twins, winter sucks. At age two-and-a-half, my children feel the need to run wild, be warm and wear as few items of clothing as possible, and winter just throws a wrench into everything. ...

Making Contact In The NICU

Credit: Good Pens, Flickr
At the most crucial moments in a newborn's life, mothers wonder if making connections with others in the NICU is the right thing to do. For nine months, moms-to-be wonder what baby will look like, who she will tak...

The Decade That Multiples Went Mainstream

Some have called the past decade the Decade From Hell, others the "Me-Me-Me" Decade and even The Unnameable Decade. For me, personally, it will forever be known as the decade that I discovered the wild and wonderful world of raising twins. But it w...

13 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

Check with your health care provider before using stretch mark treatment products. Credit: GE Healthcare By now, if you're having twins (or more!), you should know it, as either a blood test or ultrasound can confirm a multiple pregnan...

Expecting Twins? 10 Must-Have Items to Make Life Easier

There really is no way to anticipate what it will be like to welcome two red-faced, pint-sized, wailing bundles of energy into your world. However, there are definitely ways to make your life a bit easier in those first few months. And when it comes ...

How to Take a Fabulous Holiday Photo of Your Kids

Shannon Echlin 2009
Like most parents, I take a lot of photos. Truth be told, there are well over a thousand shots hanging out on my hard drive, and my twins are only two-and-a-half years old. You would think that with all this snapping, I would ...

Great Holiday Card Ideas for Twins, Triplets, Quads and More

It's hard enough coming up with a clever holiday card when you've got one child. When you've got twins, triplets or quadruplets, it's even tougher. But with a little creativity and perseverance, it can be done. Check out these adorable, why-didn't-...


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