Stay-at-Home Dads More Likely to Get Divorced

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You really need to think twice before you take in an ocelot, chimpanzee, wolf or human male with the thought of domesticating it first.
No matter how well trained and behaved they appear to be, these are essenti...
Study says husbands and fathers don't fare well in captivity.

Will Work for Food Sign Pays Off for Unemployed Australian Mom

This Australian mom got a lot of responses for her cause. Credit: Getty Images Most guidance counselors will tell you offering to work for food by holding a cardboard sign on the side of the road is not an effective method of professio...Cardboard sign proves effective professional networking tool.

Want Your Teen to Get a Summer Job? Only 1 in 4 Will Succeed, Report Says

Mowing lawns this summer may look pretty good to teens on the hunt for jobs. Credit: Getty Images Feel like screaming "Get a job!" to your teenager this summer? Parental threats of no car keys, groundings or taking phones away if they ...The summer unemployment rate for U.S. teens is expected to be worst since WWII.

Young Brits Say Life is Meaningless

A survey of 2,000 young British people revealed that one out of every 10 16- to 25-year-old feels that life is "meaningless," and that nearly half -- or 47 percent -- are often stressed out. The most affected were young adults who were not actively ...

Dad Chains Himself to Electric Meter to Save Daughter's Life

Many of us at one time or another have experienced he desperation of not having enough money to cover the monthly bills. While that situation is uncomfortable and stressful, it generally isn't life-threatening. But for a father in Highland Park, Flor...

Moms more likely to get laid off

We all know the economy is bad these days -- have you filled up your car lately? bought milk? checked the stock market? For many families, the one thing standing between them and financial stress is Mom's job. Except that in an economic downturn, wom...

Has the economy caused dads to be more involved with their kids?

I know at least one dad who says that being laid off from his job and becoming a stay-at-home dad is the best thing that's ever happened to him. (I'm not sure his wife would agree). Not only does he get to spend his days with his children, he's lost ...

Sacrifices made in the name of family

In the summer of 2004, my husband was involuntarily separated from the payroll system where he worked. In other words, he got canned. Considering he is the primary bread-winner in our house, this was a serious situation. We had moved here for that jo...


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