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School Bans Parents from Wearing PJs at Drop Off

Checking e-mail in your bathrobe is OK, just put on some clothes before you drop off the kids. Credit: Getty Images
It would seem that our friends across the pond are a bit uptight when it comes to pajamas. First, a supermarket told shoppers n...

Should UK couple be allowed to choose a deaf embryo?

A deaf couple in the UK are making headlines with their request to choose a "deaf" embryo, should they go through with IVF. The couple currently have one child who is hearing impaired. Because of maternal age, they'd likely turn to IVF to conceive an...

Candy cigarettes lead to the real thing

According to a recent article on yahoo news, kids who "smoke" candy cigarettes are more likely to try the real thing when they outgrow their taste for the other ones. Now, I am no expert (no, really, I'm not!) and I am only one example, but I clea...

More teens going all the way

"I didn't think it would happen to me." "It was only our first time." "Sometimes we used protection." These are all too often the reactions when teenagers discover that either they or their friend are pregnant. Both in England and the United States...

Paddington Bear, Boots the Cat, Maisy featured on British stamps

Paddington Bear, with his trademark pot of marmalade, will be showing up on 1st class mail all over Great Britain starting on Tuesday. He'll be joined on 1st class stamps by Roald Dahl's Enormous Crocodile. Other fictional creatures will festoon the...


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