unplanned pregnancy 

16 and Pregnant: The Reality Show

On June 11, 2009, MTV debuted a reality show, "16 and Pregnant," which examines the lives of expecting teen mothers and the issues they face including gossip, marriage, adoption and financial problems. Each episode focuses on one girl, who is in h...

Marijuana Mamas, Apology Cards, and Lisa Kudrow - Links We Love

Kid behaved badly on a playdate? Send an apology card. Photo: sxc.hu
Kate Gosselin admits it: Jon's been asking for a divorce for "a long time." She says that on a good day, she feels relief. On a bad, she feels failure. -- Whoa, Momma! One...

Me, Juno, and Jamie Lynn Spears

This weekend, I rented the Oscar-nominated film, Juno. It's easy to see why this little film generated such buzz. It's funny, smart, and heartwarming. It also brings up the perpetually relevant topic of teens, sex, unplanned pregnancy and the ever-c...

Are unprepared Moms easier on themselves?

An email appeared in my inbox yesterday, unusual in that it was from my best friend -- she who does not know how to send attachments in Outlook and professes loving ignorance about everything Internet. I've been sending her little emails and cards...

This pregnancy was unplanned: Britney Spears

Of shock and awe to absolutely nobody, Britney Spears has confessed that baby number two was not planned. "It just kind of happened," she said. She contends that she and Kevin don't know the sex of this baby, and also discusses her post-pregnancy w...

Unplanned pregnancy... when you are married, with kids

I always tell college students that they should feel free to think of my own children, in social situations, as a walking advertisement for birth control. They should take a good look at my three sons tearing around and think about whether or not the...


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