Celeb Clan Close-Up: Courteney Cox and Coco

Courteney Cox and Coco hit the Big Apple. Credit: WireImage A mama cougar was spotted walking with her cute kitten last week in New York City. Courteney Cox, star of "Cougar Town," and her daughter, Coco Arquette, 6, were a stylis...The "Cougar Town" star strolled with 6-year-old Coco in New York.

59-year-old French woman gives birth to triplets

(Think that's shocking? Click the photo to see who set the record for identical births!) A fifty-nine-year-old French woman has given birth to triplets after seeking fertility treatment. The new mom, unnamed at press time, sought fertility treatmen...

Hollywood moms strut their swimsuit stuff

Need another reason to feel inadequate? Well, here's another. has posted nine pictures of Hollywood moms in their bikinis. Some of them look fabulous. Some of them (Lisa Rinna, anyone?) look scary. Some of them look so good it makes ...

Five best American cities to have a baby

So, you're at home, thinking about having a baby and moving. (Might I just add that having a baby while moving really isn't fun? I've done it and I definitely ask for you to think twice about packing up the U-Haul and driving 2,000 miles.) You're set...


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