Vaccine Exemptions for Religious Reasons May Face Stricter Guidelines in N.J.

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New Jersey laws may be getting stricter with regard to religious exemption from required vaccines. Credit: Getty With the autism-vaccine connection disproved last year, you would think fewer pare...
Religious vaccine exemptions may face stricter guidelines in New Jersey.

Doctor Who Linked Autism to Vaccines Accused of 'Deliberate Fraud'

With the retraction of the MMR-autism study, there is no scientific evidence linking the two. Credit: Getty If you're one of the increasing number of parents who cite "conscientious objection" to have the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR...A new report shows link between vaccines and autism was actually an elaborate hoax.

Do You Vaccinate Your Children?

Do you vaccinate your kids? Credit: Getty Images
December 6 is Family Vaccination Day, which is part of the fourth annual National Influenza Vaccination Week. The focus here is on the flu vaccine, but of course there are many other shots out t...
Do you vaccinate your children against the flu and other diseases?

Court Rules West Virginia Mom Must Vaccinate Her Child

Some parents worry about vaccinating their children. Credit: jupiterimages
Opponents of vaccines lost a court battle this month, as a federal judge ruled that a West Virginia mom must immunize her child. Jennifer Workman of Mingo County, W...

Flu shots - required or optional?

Influenza vaccine is designed to fight the three main strains of disease that researchers believe will circulate in any given flu season, but that doesn't mean you are guaranteed to evade the illness if you get a flu shot. It's the time of year wh...

New Jersey requires flu vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all children, from six months to eighteen years old, get the flu vaccine this year. It's a choice that some parents will make and others will eschew. Except, of course, in New Jersey. The...

HPV Vaccine may have unpleasant side effects

When Gardasil, the relatively new vaccine for the human papillomavirus, was announced, a lot of people worried that the effect of inoculating teenage girls against a sexually transmitted disease would be rampant sexual activity and that eliminating t...

Mumps on the rise in the U.S.

The mumps are making a comeback in the United States. I mean the disease, not a post-modern punk band. The disease rose to an alarming rate in 2006, and it is feared it may take decades to eradicate it from this country. These findings come despit...

Measles making a comeback

A significant jump in the number of measles cases in England and Wales is raising concerns among health care professionals and epidemiologists, as parents choose not to have their kids vaccinated. According to the Health Protection Agency, there were...

Annual flu vaccinations for all kids?

The Center for Disease Control may make the recommendation that children be vaccinated against the flu, every year, up to the age of eighteen. Currently, the recommendation is only for kids from six months to five years old, but the new guidelines wo...

Vaccinations: they're not just for kids!

According to another one of those pesky recent studies, adults in the United States are not getting their vaccinations. Yes, adults are supposed to get vaccinated too--just because we can legally drink doesn't mean we can totally avoid the needle. ...

Will you get the flu shot this year?

And, will your kids? I got a flu shot for the first time in my life last fall when I was pregnant. My OBGYNs strongly urged me to do so, and with all the contact I have in a given day just in New York on the subways with passengers both sick and we...

How to sooth your screaming child at the doctor's office

Fortunately, I haven't yet had to take my daughter on a doctor's visit where she received an injection. I used to freak out at the thought of some guy jabbing my arm with a needle (tears, hysterics, the works), and I can only imagine that my child wo...

Would cancer vaccine lead to free love?

A number of states are considering making the new HPV vaccine mandatory for pre-teen girls. California is one of them. Yesterday, however, the lawmaker that proposed the bill, Assemblyman Ed Hernandez, D-Baldwin Park (Los Angeles County), pulled it a...


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