Vaccine Exemptions for Religious Reasons May Face Stricter Guidelines in N.J.

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New Jersey laws may be getting stricter with regard to religious exemption from required vaccines. Credit: Getty With the autism-vaccine connection disproved last year, you would think fewer pare...
Religious vaccine exemptions may face stricter guidelines in New Jersey.

AAP Announces New Immunization Guidelines for Kids, Teens

This year's immunization guidelines cover a range of conditions such as influenza, pertussis and genital warts. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released the recommended childhood ...Among the new guidelines is a recommendation that adolescents get a booster dose of meningococcal vaccine.

Doctor Who Linked Autism to Vaccines Accused of 'Deliberate Fraud'

With the retraction of the MMR-autism study, there is no scientific evidence linking the two. Credit: Getty If you're one of the increasing number of parents who cite "conscientious objection" to have the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR...A new report shows link between vaccines and autism was actually an elaborate hoax.

New California Law Mandates Whooping Cough Booster Shot for Teens

Come September, teens won't be allowed in public or private schools without proof of a whooping cough booster shot. Credit: Getty If you live in California, you'll need to add one more thing to your back-to-school to-do list. A ne...New California law requires kids in grades seven through 12 to get whooping cough vaccine.

Did Your Kids Get a Flu Shot?

We know they hate needles, but will you get your kids the flu shot? Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
We haven't heard much about H1N1, aka swine flu, this season. But it's still out there, as is the good old regular flu virus.

HPV Shot: Leave Boys (Warts and All) Unvaccinated, Experts Say

Is the HPV shot worthwhile for boys? Credit: Getty Images
Warts schmarts. Do teenage boys really want -- or need -- a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease that causes unsightly, uh, blemishes? Of course, human papillomavirus (HPV) ca...
What's few warts? Experts question whether it's worth time and trouble to vaccinate boys against STD.

Safety of Vaccines and Medications Tops List of Priorities for Parents

Parents want more research done on the safety of children's vaccines. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year on medical research related to children's health issues, yet parents have little or no...
When asked, nearly nine out of 10 parents rate research on the safety of vaccines, and effectiveness and safety of medicines, as the most important topics regarding children's health, according to a recent poll.

Majority of Parents Vaccinate Children, Despite Fears of Autism

Their children's tears aren't the only reason parents hate getting their kids vaccinated. While the vast majority of parents believe vaccines prevent their children from getting sick, many still harbor doubts as to their safety, according to a stud...

Lancet Retracts Study Linking Autism and Vaccines

Medical journal The Lancet has retracted the 1998 study linking autism and vaccines. CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen spoke to anchor Betty Nguyen about the issue. Cohen says that the 1998 study, which was conducted by Dr. And...

Discuss Vaccination Concerns with a Doctor

Speak with a doctor if you have vaccination concerns. Credit: ad-vantage, Flickr
Our immune system fights off bacteria or viruses daily.
According to "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vaccinations," a "vaccine contains a disease-causing virus, b...

CDC Announces a Huge Rise in the Estimated Pediatric Death Toll From Swine Flu

The new numbers are startling: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced at a recent press conference that in the past six months, an estimated 540 children have died in the U.S. from the H1N1 virus, known as swine flu. Just days ago, ...

Court Rules West Virginia Mom Must Vaccinate Her Child

Some parents worry about vaccinating their children. Credit: jupiterimages
Opponents of vaccines lost a court battle this month, as a federal judge ruled that a West Virginia mom must immunize her child. Jennifer Workman of Mingo County, W...

New Jersey requires flu vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all children, from six months to eighteen years old, get the flu vaccine this year. It's a choice that some parents will make and others will eschew. Except, of course, in New Jersey. The...

John McCain bails on meeting with Jenny McCarthy

Presidential nominee John McCain allegedly had a date set with actress Jenny McCarthy. The topic of their discussion? Not love but, rather autism, and specifically the link between the condition and the use of thimerosal in the vaccines McCarthy bel...

Flu shots, pregnancy and the unborn child

Hard to believe but it's already flu season again. Or, to be more accurate, it's really (hopefully) flu PREVENTION season. This week the Center for Disease Control whipped out a new, stronger than ever campaign to get pregnant women and young childr...


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