How to Play: Hearts and Mittens

Valentine's Day fun and games! Credit: D Sharon Pruitt, Flickr
What you need: Red and blue craft foam, scissors, string or ribbon and a basket. How to play: Cut from red craft foam half as many hearts and mittens as you expect in your company....

Too Young for Romance

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. Children of all ages will exchange cards, hugs and candy hearts. It starts as young as kindergarten, and continues until the kids discover that sometimes "love" is more fun in private. I know this will make some ...

Valentine's Day Best Gifts, Goodies and Games for Families

Valentine's Day is, for many people, a very special time. It can be difficult, however, when you have kids to keep that romantic feeling alive, especially without excluding the kids. A diamond bracelet or pearl necklace may be beautiful and great to ...

Valentine's Day - Family Affair or Over-Celebration Nation?

After every ad for flowers, chocolate and sweet romantic moments, my wonderful, tragically unromantic husband laughs boldly and whispers: "Sucka!" He actually can be romantic, he just doesn't like to be told to be romantic. By Hallmark. So the onl...


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