Bathroom Cameras a Good Thing, Says School

Someone installs cameras in the school bathrooms, hoping to catch teenage girls involved in some "horseplay." Sounds like it's time to call the police, yes? Or Joe Francis. But wait, not only is the school well aware of the situation, it put them the...

Chick-fil-A founder goes easy on vandals

In addition to being responsible for creating the most delicious chicken sandwich known to man, Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy is also known as a pretty great guy. A devout Southern Baptist and former Sunday School teacher, Truett 's religious b...

Cheetos encouraging kids to "stick it to The Man"

My five -year-old loves Cheetos; when he gets the chance to choose a treat, he will skip past the cookies and candy in the grocery and beg for a bag of the orange-covered corn puffs. Usually I oblige, but lately I've been rethinking that, not so much...

Teenage rebellion -- Amish style

The Amish maintain a very different and, I suspect, a very misunderstood lifestyle. As I understand it, it's not so much anti-technology as it is, anti-bling lifestyle, if you will. They eschew fancy luxuries in order to better focus on living a good...

Giving juvenile delinquents a bad name

I admit that as a child, I went through a period of juvenile delinquency. My best friend Karen was a master at coming up with creative ways to annoy adults and I followed her lead. I am not blaming her for my actions, just giving credit where credit ...

Would you help your kids TP a house?

Where I grew up, toilet papering houses was a time-honored tradition. Throwing rolls of toilet paper up into the trees and around bushes created a mess, but was ultimately considered harmless and I never knew anyone who actually got in trouble for it...

Two thousand students, one bathroom

A high school in Florida has taken some extreme steps in the wake of an incident of vandalism. After swastikas, writings and other types of vandalism were discovered on the walls, administrators at Freedom High School closed down all but one bathroom...


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