Vans Hello Kitty Collection

Hello Kitty gets the Vans treatment. Credit:
If your kids have Hello Kitty books, T-shirts, dolls, puzzles -- even scooters, toasters or bedding sets, it's time to treat their feet.
Vans has collaborated with everyone's fav...
Hello Kitty sneakers are purr-fect for adults, kids or toddlers.

Kids' Fashion: New Lines from Gucci, Miss America and Crayola Vans

Vans Colored by Crayola? Yes, please. Credit:
When it comes to your kids' clothes, whether you lean toward the latest extravagant designer brand, prefer to kick it old school with the skateboard set or feel in tune with "Toddlers...

Family man

We were on our way to swim class, headed down the coast on Highway 1. Rachel and I were pointing out things of interest that we spotted as we went -- the airport, a boat, surfers, etc. We passed a small used car dealer with a late 50's Corvette parke...

Missing Sweet Pea

Growing up, my family had a full-size van, a green 1974 Chevy SportVan 20, if I remember correctly. When I got my license, I pretty much did all the driving, so the van, named Sweet Pea, kinda became my vehicle. At some point, my folks gave her to me...

Blogging Baby Size Six: Easy breakfast ideas

Breakfast.  It's the meal I dread preparing most.  Mainly it's because I'm usually still a little pissed off that my three-year-old has woken me up by shoving a scratchy princess dress in my face exclaiming, "It's insiiiiiide out. Heee...


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