Smile While Eating Your Veggies and Your Kids Might Just Eat Their Broccoli, Study Shows

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Want your kids to eat their veggies? Smile next time you chomp on a carrot. Credit: AP If you want your kids to warm up to kale and carrots and not sneak their veggies under the table to the dog...
Kids not eating their veggies? Put on a happy face!

Quick and Easy Quinoa Veggie Salad Recipe

Are you looking for something a little different to serve your family? Try this quinoa-based salad that not only gives you a bit of protein, but some vitamin-rich vegetables too. Quinoa is a great grain alternative to your traditional rice medle...

11-year-old forced to shut down veggie stand

Lemonade stands are a rite of passage for kids, their first foray into the world of entrepreneurship. Kids may haul out a table and chair in front of their house to earn a little spare change, or they may have more elaborate setups to raise funds for...

Making veggies cool

Remember how it turns out that you can put just about anything in McDonald's packaging and it tastes better? Well, since ordering french fry boxes -- hold the fries -- from your local franchise might not be terribly practical, here's another option f...

Children and eating disorders

We all knew that girl in high school, the one who never ate anything. She was pencil thin, with paper thin hair and skin. She was anorexic or bulimic, but no one ever talked about it. She withered away right in front of us and no one realized it wa...

Veggies: Lie if you have to

A new study from Penn State University indicates that sneaking vegetables into kids' meals is a valid part of your overall healthy eating plan. As part of their study, researchers came up with two pasta dishes to test on children. A low calorie dish ...

Tips on how to hide those veggies

Over 75% of Americans are not getting their daily helpings of vegetables. Why? Well, most of us just plain don't like them. Some people have gone so far as to say that vegetables make them want to gag. And no wonder, with our penchant for drive thru ...

A Veggie Venture -- Vegetable recipes

Yeah, sure, eat your veggies. We all know that advice. In our house, we have vegetables with every meal, but there's not a lot of variety and they don't always get eaten by those who need them the most. We usually have either mixed broccoli/cauliflow...


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