Boy drives to Grandma's house - alone

File this one away in the 'scary but true' annals. Recently, a nine-year-old boy drove to his grandma's house unattended (not that attended would be much better!). The boy, of Gifu in Japan, claimed he learned how to drive from watching his father a...

The Auto Show 2007

On the last day of November, which happened to be my birthday, I picked Jared up early from school (his class had been on a field trip all day and I didn't think they get much learning done in that last hour) and we hopped on the streetcar to go down...

Going to the auto show

Pretty much from the moment we left Moscone center in downtown San Francisco last November, Jared was asking me when we could go back to the auto show. I told him that we would go again next year. Well, once again, it's November and that means it's t...

What do you look for in a family vehicle?

A while back, it seemed like the only thing that mattered about a new car was the number of cupholders it had. You could have made a vehicle that seated ten, got a hundred miles to the gallon, and handled like a Ferrari, but if it didn't have at leas...

Would you buy a commuter car?

The other day, I came across a video for the Vandenbrink Carver (now called the VentureOne) which looked absolutely awesome -- and would make a great commuter car. This weekend, I was at the Vintage Computer Festival, held at the Computer History Mus...

Missing Sweet Pea

Growing up, my family had a full-size van, a green 1974 Chevy SportVan 20, if I remember correctly. When I got my license, I pretty much did all the driving, so the van, named Sweet Pea, kinda became my vehicle. At some point, my folks gave her to me...

ParentDish Size Six: My kids' first vehicle

A lot of parents, if they can afford it, buy their kids a car when they get their license. In most cases, I think this is a bad idea because the kids don't value the car and end up dumping it in a ditch or worse. I know I did my fair share of racing ...

Family vehicle first aid kit

I can't get James Kim and his family out of my mind. The story resonates with me, perhaps because it could have been my family, perhaps because it is such a raw display of the fragility of life. But perhaps the tragedy can be used as a wake-up call t...


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