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Vending Machines at School Impact Students' Nutrition, Study Says

Selections in school vending machines have a direct impact on whether a student's daily food intake is balanced, a new study shows. Credit: Paul J. Richards, AFP / Getty Images
The saying "you are what you eat" may need to be changed to "you are ...
Today's school lunch? How about chips, soda, a candy bar and maybe some cookies? Just hit the vending machine.

Getting Rid of Junk Food: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A study published in the Health Education & Behavior journal looked at six middle schools over a two year period. In three of these schools the snacks offered did not change, but did so in the other three schools in Connecticut. Snacks that did...

Secrets of a healthy lunch

We're pretty new to the lunch packing thing at our house, just having survived our first week of kindergarten. But so far, my five-year-old eats her whole grain sandwich, her side of fresh fruits or veggies, and brings home the very small treat I've ...

Philly experiment helps kids learn good nutrition

Five Philadelphia elementary schools recently underwent an a nutritional makeover as part of an experiment. They eliminated vending machine choices like soda and candy (since when do elementary schools have vending machines anyway?). They limited sna...

Brazilian schools to install condom vending machines

The health ministry in Brazil is planning to put condom vending machines into the schools despite facing criticism for the idea. In the largely catholic nation, however, two-thirds of the parents surveyed by UNESCO said they liked having the governme...

Indiana House passes bill requiring healthy food in school vending machines

Remember about a week ago Keith McDuffee showed us how to urge Congress to get junk food out of school cafeterias?  Well, I don't know if those of you from Indiana had anything to do with this, but is reporting that yesterday the In...


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