video game addiction 

My 17-Year-Old is Addicted to Video Games!

Dear AdviceMama, Our family is trapped in video game hell. My son is 17, and the gaming is out of control. It has ruined our relationship, turning him into someone I don't even know who uses language that I can't believe is coming from him. ...
I've long believed that we don't understand how addictive video games can be to some people.

Video Games Can Cause Mental Health Problems, Study Finds

Video games may be affecting your relationship with your kid. Credit: Stockdisc, Getty Images Although most kids don't become addicted to video games, you may still want to keep a sharp eye on your child's gaming habits. A study r...Pathological gamers tend to be more impulsive, have lower social competence and are less empathic.

Microsoft offers reward for missing boy

Steve Crisp probably thought he was doing the right thing by exercising a little tough love on his Xbox-addicted son. Since 13-year-old Brandon had begun playing "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" online, his father had noticed some changes in him -...

Video game addiction blamed for child abuse

A young Nevada couple who were so completely obsessed with video games that they completely neglected their 1 and 2-year-old children have pleaded guilty to child abuse. 25-year old Michael and 23-year old Iana Straw were apparently so completely im...

Video game addiction a psychiatric disorder?

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is responsible for publishing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a handbook that is widely used by mental health professionals around the world to diagnose mental illness. The APA is ...


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